1. Unlock efficiency with our hospital admin dashboard. Real-time insights, customizable widgets, and responsive design empower seamless management in one centralized hub

2. Meet your dedicated medical team! Explore detailed doctor profiles, including expertise, schedule, and patient reviews, ensuring personalized and informed healthcare decisions.

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Introducing our cutting-edge HTML admin template meticulously crafted for hospital management, offering a seamless and efficient solution for administrators. This comprehensive template empowers hospital administrators to oversee various critical modules with ease, ensuring optimal organization and streamlined operations.


  • Clean and minimalistic design
  • Responsive layout for various device/screen types
  • Datatables
  • Easily customizable with Bootstrap components
  • Integration with Bootstrap version 5.3.2



Manage a database of doctors with ease.Add, edit, or remove doctors effortlessly, complete with personal details, specialization, and working hours.Utilize DataTables for a structured and easily navigable list of doctors.


Simplify appointment management.Schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments seamlessly, with user-friendly date pickers and time slots. Visualize appointment trends and statistics using engaging Apex Charts.


Efficiently handle hospital rooms.Add, edit, or remove rooms effortlessly, and keep track of occupancy and availability. Use DataTables for a clear and organized presentation of room-related data.


Streamline billing and invoicing processes.Generate and manage invoices for patient services, while tracking payments and outstanding balances.Visualize revenue trends using interactive Apex Charts.


Administer hospital staff seamlessly.Manage doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel with roles, contact details, and working schedules.Utilize DataTables for effective organization and quick access to staff records.


Establish and oversee hospital departments effortlessly.Associate doctors and staff with specific departments for cohesive management. Ensure smooth navigation with dropdowns or hierarchical views.