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Experience seamless design in action! Watch our HTML template come to life through a simple gif, showcasing its responsiveness and theme components. Dive into the elegance of our design, thoughtfully crafted for a flawless user experience

Explore the Beauty of Our Simple Coming Soon Theme Template Designs!

Theme Details


This is a simple "Coming Soon" HTML template built with Bootstrap version 5.3.2. Use this template to create a landing page for your upcoming website or product launch.


  • Clean and minimalistic design
  • Responsive layout for various device/screen types
  • Countdown timer to build anticipation
  • Easily customizable with Bootstrap components
  • Integration with Bootstrap version 5.3.2

How To

Download the Template

Clone this repository or download the ZIP file and extract its contents.

Customize Content

Open the `index.html` file or any `Template` html file in your preferred code editor. Customize the text, images, and other content as needed. You can also adjust the styles in the included CSS file (`styles.css`).

Adjust Countdown Timer

Modify the countdown timer in the `lcsjs.js` file to set the correct date and time for your launch.

Bootstrap Integration

The template includes Bootstrap version 5.3.2. You can further customize the template by referring to the [Bootstrap documentation](


Check your template locally to ensure it looks and functions as expected. Open the `index.html` or the `Template` html file you customized, in a web browser to preview the page.


Once you are satisfied with your customizations, deploy the template to your hosting provider or platform of choice.