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Software Testing Services

Software Testing Services

Testing is the process of validating and verifying the artifacts and behavior of the software that is being tested. The organization may realize and comprehend the risks of using software by testing to provide an unbiased, impartial picture of the software.

The primary aim of testing is to detect software failure under various conditions. So, it can be resolved by the developer team. Examine the product requirement for reliability and consistency in various situations like business perspective, industry perspective, implementation feasibility and credibility, usability and performance of software, security and structure issues, and many more.

For all this, we offer Quality Assurance (QA) software testing services in India. Any bugs or glitches in your application and software lead to a loss of credibility and create a bad user experience. Implementing software testing strategies throughout the development cycle brings you numerous benefits.

Save Money

In case you find the bug early before live, fixing them helps to reduce the overall development cost of applications and software testing services in India.

Data Security

The personal data and details of the user can be safe, and receive products free from vulnerability with the aid of software testing.

Quality Delivery

Ensuring the effective customer experience also the compatibility of the operating system and devices to get the prerequisite result.

Customer Satisfaction

The main objective is to deliver the best satisfaction with Software testing services in India to the user and the best user experience in an easy way without complexity while operating.

Development Process

You can find a wide array of errors and have to fix them in no time while fixing them in the meantime with the developer enhancing the developer process of the team.

New Feature

Tests balance the calcification tendency by allowing developers to easily add new features and functions to the software and applications.

Software Performance

Software testing services are considered to be an easy option as it helps to determine the performance of the software and applications.

Business Optimization

Software testing services in India, mean more satisfied clients, customer retention, lower cost of fixing a product, minimizing the cost of customer services, better quality product, and reliable or reputed brand.

Types of QA Software Testing Services

Different types of testing are being used in QA software testing services in India. Our team focuses on major testing types while delivering QA software testing services. There are multiple types of software testing approaches that you can use to ensure changes to your code work as expected.

unit testing

Unit Testing Service

It makes the coding process more elegant. Test the individual methods and functions of classes, components, or modules used in your code. Allows upgrading the system libraries to make sure of proper working of system modules. To lower the risks, expenses, and duration of software development, unit testing is a software testing services development method that comprises the coordinated use of a wide range of defect prevention and detection strategies.

functional testing

Functional Testing Service

The business requirements of an application are the main focus of functional tests. Functional testing tests a slice of the functionality of the entire system. They only prove the outcome of the activity and do not check the intermediate conditions of the system when executing that action. It is used to get a specific value from the database, as defined by the product requirements. It has mainline functions, basic usability, and accessibility of the product.

integration testing

Integration Testing Service

Integration testing is a type of testing where software modules are integrated logically and tested in a group form. Integration software testing services verify that different modules and functions used by your application work well together. It focuses on checking data communication amongst the modules. This testing aims to detect the defects in the interaction between these software modules when they are integrated. It is conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified requirements.

performance testing

Performance Testing Service

Performance testing evaluates how the system performs under the workload. It measures the reliability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness of software. It observes how your system responds when it gives a high number of request data. It ensures performance consistency across user data load, networks, and hours of usage by users.

acceptance test

Acceptance Test Service

The main aim of software testing services is to validate business flow. It involves testing two or more end users like the Admin and the End User. In this analysis of business requirements, create a test plan. After running the test cases, it records the results and confirms business objectives. It brings confidence and satisfaction to the users as they are directly involved in the testing process. It follows only black box testing methodology hence, the complete function of the product is marked as tested.

end to end test service

End-to-End Test Service

End-to-end testing validates the entire software testing services from start to end, along with its integration with external interfaces. The main task of end-to-end testing is to check the dependency, data integrity, and communication with other systems. It also validates the data processing from the upstream and downstream systems. It uses to check the real-time data settings of the software and product. It is also known as Chain Testing.

White Box Testing Service

It is the method of testing applications at the source code level. In white-box testing, an internal view of the system and programming skills is used to design test cases. White Box testing, working driven through the design flow technique. The key principles in the white box testing are:- Statement Coverage, Branch Coverage, and Path Coverage. With different techniques, every visible path of the source code minimizes error and creates an error-free environment for the user.

Black Box Testing Service

It is the testing method where testing of the functionality of the software applications is tested without knowing the internal code structure, implementation details, or internal path. The main aim of black box testing is to gain the prior output with the input. Functional, Non- Functional, and Regression tests are 3-types of Black Box Testing. Its testing methods include:- equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, all-pair testing, state transitions tables, decision table testing, model-based testing, and many more.

Grey Box Testing Service

It is also known as the combination of White Box Testing and Black Box Testing. It is a testing technique to test a software product or application with partial knowledge of the internal structure of the application. It gave the ability to test both sides of an application, the presentation layer as well as the code part. It reduces the overhead of the long process of testing functional and non-functional types. The testing is done from the user's point of view, not from the designer's point of view.

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When you choose Lucid Outsourcing Solutions for software testing services and quality analysis services, then 100% results are guaranteed. Our QA team uses advanced mechanisms and testing technologies to provide the best and bug-free as per your precise business needs. Our QA software testing services in India perform accurately because we use tools like Selenium WebDriver, HP Loadrunner, QuickTest Professional, Silk Test, Apache JMeter, Postman, Pycharm, and TestLink.

We offer a simple to advanced level of Automation Software Testing Service. Being a reputed QA Software Testing services company in India, we follow different testing phases to avoid bugs.

As a leading and reputed software testing services company in India we sign a strict non-disclosure agreement with you. Under this agreement, we will safeguard the confidential data that you share with us.

Our Testing & Quality Analysis team hold 9+ years of experience. They have performed for diverse industries and handled detailed and intricate projects. Hence, if you are peeking for one of the trusted QA Software testing services company in India then Lucid Outsourcing Solutions is a great choice.

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