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IT Outsourcing Consulting

IT Outsourcing Consulting Services

Lucid Outsourcing Solutions, a leading global strategy, and operations consulting company, offer advanced IT Outsourcing Consulting Services that set us apart from conventional sourcing advisors. Across several key- areas, Lucid goes beyond traditional IT outsourcing consulting companies.

Consultation is about introducing IT Technologies to their business or creating IT Products like Software, Apps, and Websites. Optimize the capital cost for the implementation of IT Solutions in the company. This will improve the efficiency of business with the help of automatization. Lucid Outsourcing Solutions provides IT Consulting Services in India to achieve the business objective.

IT Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party or a remote team from another firm to perform your tasks. Lucid Outsourcing Solutions is the leading IT Outsourcing Services Company In India that provides its services to offshore companies. Outsourcing is a cost-saving process and gives support, maintenance and modernization to the services.

IT Consulting Services In India

Our IT consulting services in India help a lot and improve the performance, and scalability of business through technology enablement and usage.


IT Strategy Consulting

Delivering an IT strategy that addresses business goals and places IT resources in the proper alignment. Planning strategic initiatives such as software development, modernization, migration, and re-architecting activities to attain the desired state.


Technology Assessment

To provide opportunities to improve efficiency, security, compliance, and reduce cost. Also, we suggest tech enhancement of the existing project with the latest technologies.


Project Cycle Management

Coordinate within one or more projects to deliver fast workflow and quality results. Organize communication and manage performance delivery between the participants.


Project Enhancement

Increase the business value with modification to the latest technology. Get user feedback and enhance your IT Product by giving support and maintenance. Our IT Consulting Services In India will enhance your project to achieve your business goals.



Gather data and understand your vision and requirements for business or product in-depth. Review the available resources which can help to achieve your goals. Lists the challenges to overcome in the practical implementation of the tasks.


Analyze the requirement and provide a detailed plan of action according to it. Create detailed task lists along with specific recommendations of solutions. Ensure that the project will be delivered on time and served without any issues remaining.


Determine what resources they need, and provide a specific plan and strategy for the execution. Suggest the required modifications and changes in the existing system. Also, suggest the latest tools and technologies which are fruitful for their business. By getting IT Consulting Services from us, we gain exact data to prepare a result-driven strategy for you.

Saves Money & Time

Dealing with a specific timeframe allows for cost-effective and efficient use of time. Hiring for the specified task is cost-efficient. It saves the overhead costs and taxes. By IT Consulting Services from Lucid, it saves your time and money.

Experienced & Experts

Having in-depth knowledge about the tools and technologies benefits your business. Having our team in the project gives accessing their technical knowledge. Experienced experts will step in quickly to fix them.

Boosts Productivity

Accessing our technology assets will streamline your business operations better. We at Lucid Outsourcing Solutions provide several technology services to clients on different hiring models. Get issues resolved effectively, and productivity boosts automatically.

IT Outsourcing Services

Our IT Outsourcing Services In India provide you the effective IT enables business processes, application services, and infrastructure solutions for your business outcomes.

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing your IT requirements allows you to budget more effectively and saves fixed regular costs of business. Save the capital investment of the start-ups and firms.


Tend to see a lot of issues in the technology stack with in-house members we provide a team who gives solutions. Our experienced team comes forward to resolve tasks and challenges.

Supplement to your existing IT Team

Provide the technical team which helps in your ongoing project and helps you to achieve your desired goals in a specific timeframe.

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Leveling the playing field

IT Outsourcing will help you to maintain the technology level with your competitor, and with our tech experts, we will help you to compete with others at a technology level.

Compliance & Security

Provide the complete data and sheet access and security of the privacy of your business. Allow maintaining your data, sensitive files, and more to securely backup and confidential.

Ability to focus on the business

Worrying about complex IT issues which are out of scope in your skills, we provide our experienced and strategic team that will deliver you an invaluable resource for your company and brand.

Process of Selecting IT Outsourcing Services



Identify your business and project requirements and list out essential resources needed to fulfill your technical tasks.



List out vendors who give IT Outsourcing Services In India, and discuss in-depth the requirements of the project with them. And finalize the best match.


Qualifying Process

In the screening process, you can conduct detailed interviews and test tasks to select the best team for your project.



After signing the contract and starting work with the team, you can track the progress or daily activity with several tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an IT Outsourcing Company, we offer Hybrid Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Software Testing, Cloud Computing Services, Enterprise solutions, etc.

We are ISO Certified 9001:2005 & Adobe Certified CF Partners with 9+ years of robust IT experience. Our IT Outsourcing Services In India conduct extensive business analysis on what a project requires, then our analysts develop a plan to solve critical issues for our clients. We have a proven track record in developing robust IT systems and delivering IT infrastructure services.

Lucid Outsourcing Solutions, a leading IT Outsourcing Company, provides the highest priority to data security. We assure you to sign an NDA before project onboarding. It guarantees the security of your data. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your data security if you are thinking of outsourcing software development work from an IT Outsourcing Company.

The need for skilled resources, reasonable development costs, and the criticality of the project pushes businesses to outsource. Complex projects can outsource when the end-user communication is minimum and requirements well documented.

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