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Mobile App Development Services

Nowadays, mobile application development is significant to businesses and start-ups. As a Mobile App Development Company In India, we serve highly integrated mobile apps of various categories. We built an application with a unique idea for reputed companies, organizations, and start-ups.

We offer comprehensive solutions which will surprise you and allow us to delve deep into the Android universe to provide unrivaled value to your company. We believe in your vision and work tirelessly to create intuitive and easy-to-use software. Our proficient staff builds apps with several downloads on the Google Play Store.

We are well-named in creating Android Mobile App Development Company in India. Because of our dedication, professionalism, attention to detail, inventive thinking, and a vast portfolio of successful projects, we are your best bet for app development services. Lucid is also a full-stack IOS Mobile App Development Company In India that serves globally and gives offshore services to clients.

Low Cost

Development of the application is at minimal cost, and your business became in Digital World.

High Quality

Deliver high-quality results to the end user.

Quick Delivery

Real-time data delivery, response, and connectivity with end users will be possible.

Profitable Business

The digital approach will help to build a strong business brand and make the business profitable.

Android App Development Service

Android availed new operating system options after releasing itself in 2008, and they update themselves to give a better and more favorable user experience in the Android Operating System. Most businesses approach Android Mobile App Development Services because it is easy to reach the person with their creativity and user-friendly app-making technology. With our highly qualified, experienced mobile app development services in India, the team will assist you in developing a custom android application with a distinctive and appealing design.

IOS App Development Service

We help our users or clients to have all the access to their data in the IOS operating system. With unique methodology and implementation, we create an IOS App to improve the user experience smoothly and interactively. Our IOS Mobile App Development Services in India creates IOS apps that are easy to operate and have rich-feature to be used by the user. So the user can connect with others without configuring its device's Wi-Fi and hotspot settings on Ipad and iPhone. With the regular update in their work, we improve our quality of work.

Hybrid App Development Service

Cross-platform or Hybrid Mobile App Development Services In India will become the alternative to Native apps, which are famous for their compatibility with other platforms. It will help the start-ups to cut their development costs and time also. Programs work in both Android and IOS platforms. It allows a developer to develop code that can operate on multiple platforms. It helps the business to release the product fast with better quality. Or it can be approached by more and more users because of its compatibility.

IONIC App Development Service

It is an open-source mobile toolkit for creating high-quality hybrid apps. Work more quickly with a single codebase that runs everywhere. Having an open source UI toolkit for building as-expected apps with Angular, React, and Vue.js frameworks. You can build high-performing, high-quality mobile apps, and desktop apps using the web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our IONIC App Development Services team creates an easy-to-operate and build rich-feature to be used by the user.

Flutter App Development Service

It is an open-source framework by Google for natively compiled, cross-platform applications from a single codebase. It can be deployed to multiple devices from a single code base. Provide automated testing, developer toolkit, and other resources to build a production-quality app. It helps to update the code fast without losing data. Give command on every pixel to construct customized, adaptive structures that look and feel great on any screen.

React Native App Development Service

For creating genuine, natively rendered mobile applications for iOS and Android, use the JavaScript framework React Native. It will support both Android and IOS app platforms. It may also support additional platforms in the future. React Native differs from the majority of current cross-platform application development techniques, like Cordova or Ionic, in that it renders utilizing the native rendering APIs of its host platform.

Beneficiary Sectors By Mobile App Development Services

ECommerce Sector

Without any doubt, one of the sectors that have profited the most from mobile applications is the e-commerce sector. With mobile app development, online shopping has become a lot easier. It used to be because of the rise of mobile applications, which will further increase a lot. To improve the user experience while showing the detailed description of items along real-time location, payment option, and delivery tracking option. Mobile apps also boost the chances that users buy more as compared to browsing and perusing.

Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory administration management is the current innovation that gave incredible benefits to the business to monitor their stocks. It is used in an automated way such as creating customized reports or scanning barcodes to minimize errors and increase data accuracy. In the digital world, people manage all their stuff on their mobile, so this is the reason inventory data will manage in mobile apps rather than by pen or paper. It also helps in better productivity in stock management and gets better accuracy.

Real Estate

Mobile app development brings a revolution to the real estate industry. It helps them to interact with customers directly and gave them reasons to opt for your services. To better serve their clients and increase revenue for the expansion of their businesses, many real estate organizations release their apps. It helps the user find a home in or near specified areas. Generate more leads and revenue for the business comparatively through calls, emails, and texts. Buyers can gather all information about the property including the price which leads to increased potential clients.

Location Based

Location-based mobile app development services create opportunities and benefits for businesses in various industries nowadays. Dynamic type location-based service which has map navigation, tracking services, information services, and social networking for businesses. It leverages GPS technology embedded in smartphones to locate the current positions of the place and device. Also, navigate the user without any manual data entry requirements.

Education Apps

Mobile App Development Service makes the learning process more convenient and simple because any information is accessible from any location at any time. Mobile phones now make it easy to get information in these modern times. By personalizing and adapting to each student's interests, educational applications might reduce the disparities caused by geographical and educational boundaries. With apps, students save a lot of time. They will not travel a long distance, and it saves time.

Service Management

Organizations seek service management mobile apps to achieve their goals because it benefits them to carry out the tasks and their assignments and monitor their progress. It benefits in Project Management, Client Task Management, Billing and Invoice Generation, Maintaining Holidays and Leaves, Employee Management, and other tasks of operations.

How We Work



Do in-depth research for the Mobile App Development and establish the goals and the objectives to achieve by making the applications.



Aim to build fast-loading apps, lightweight in space, and optimized interfaces that will be easy for the user.



Implementing the test case and test plan for the complete testing is good for knowing more about the validation through user experience testing.



After completion of testing, time to deploy the Mobile apps on its platform so users can easily use them.

Technology Stack, We Have

We have expertise in the latest technologies as well as the legacy.

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Yes our team of professionals monitors your app's performance and sends you updates regularly. We also offer maintenance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yes, we provide the Offshore Mobile App Development Services. For that, you can contact us for more details.

9+ years of mobile app development services in India have allowed us to craft a process that ensures high productivity & efficiency. Lucid always keeps track of emerging technologies to deliver forward-thinking solutions and offer the best mobile application development services.

It isn't expensive as most of us may think. On the other side, there is no simple answer. Multiple factors depend on mobile app development costs like developer rates, project complexity, and time is taken to build a Mobile app. You can contact us for more details.

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