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Data used to be kept on hard discs at a time, but now the time has been changed via cloud computing services.

Lucid Outsourcing Solutions supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it's considered one of the safest platforms of cloud services. It is the most reliable and reputed AWS Services Company In India. It is easy to host a static website with Amazon Web Services.

Storage, databases, servers, and networking are features included in cloud computing services. Complex programs can be constructed with Amazon Cloud Computing as it's far considered scalable and flexible. We have a team of Certified AWS Engineers who are well skilled with AWS Cloud Management.

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Help to reduce your capital costs through a variety of tools like AWS Config, Cloud Watch, AWS Ops Works, Auto Scaling, and AWS Cloud Formation, which monitor your resources to be secure and efficient.


The protection of the data is the major concern of every business. It has often more cost-effective to utilize AWS and have the budget and team of experts to stay on the cutting edge of data security. As an AWS Services company in India, we also ensure data security.


As law changes, AWS continuously updates this information. It has a range of 50+ countries, so it distributes this information through its AWS Compliance Center. You can search by using the country to view precise regulations related to cloud offerings.

DRaaS Operations

The disaster recovery solutions involve the factors called: the amount of data loss and time of recovery. With AWS Services, Lucid Outsourcing Solutions offers Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) solutions tailored to AWS.

AWS Consulting

The future of agility and innovation lies in the cloud. We collaborate with businesses to comprehend their needs and goals to assist in achieving those objectives through a combination of AWS services. We designed, developed, and implemented cloud solutions for enterprise clients across various industries.

AWS Cloud Security

There are no costs associated with maintaining hardware and facilities. Security in the cloud is quite similar to security in on-premises data centers. We deliver an end-to-end solution to serve the optimum levels of security required for your business as it migrates to cloud storage.

AWS Cloud Migration

As the demand for agility and flexibility grows, companies are moving to the cloud. Lucid is the AWS Services Provider Company that makes it as easy and affordable as feasible for you to transition your firm to the AWS Cloud. The AWS Well-Architected Framework gives excellent architectural practices throughout the five pillars for designing, working dependable, secure, effective, and affordable cloud systems.

AWS Database Migration

Database Migrate to AWS may be done quickly and safely. Your data can be placed on the AWS data platform more fluently and affordably with the help of our certified Cloud engineers with AWS Database Migration Service. We'll get your database operating on AWS no matter which type it is�Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.

DevOps Automation

DevOps is more than just a trendy term to us. We are aware of the market for more innovative and agile go-to-market strategies. We use several tools in conjunction with our depth of expertise in the native AWS cloud and DevOps services to produce a seamless and automated solution that ultimately generates business value.

Managed Cloud Services

We handle IT Infrastructure and managed cloud services to enable businesses to concentrate on their core competencies. We bring a realistic approach to dealing with cloud environments to boost deployments, simplify operations and optimize expenses.

Utilize the Power of AWS Services to Open
Up the New Possibilities

AWS can support the development of complex applications with improved scalability, flexibility, and reliability. We as a reputed AWS services company in India, provide solutions to assist with computing capacity, content delivery, data storage, and other features.

AWS Microsoft Solutions

To run the Windows applications we can use the AWS platforms. We integrate our AWS knowledge with years of experience in Microsoft solutions to build and set up home windows on the AWS platform. For your Microsoft Workloads on AWS, our experienced Cloud architects collaborate with your IT team to develop a secure, dependable, and affordable solution.

AWS Serverless Computing

Precise scaling depends on the volume of the work required. Pay when you use this model, which creates a sizable saving in the cost. It avoids the hassle of managing the servers. Due to the high availability of resources, they are always ready to use. Monitoring the app activity like API Calls, latency, and errors.

AWS Application Deployment

Lucid Outsourcing Solutions is a group of dedicated consultants and AWS installation specialists. We can access the cloud system for your business, by investigating your current infrastructure, creating the cloud-specific design or business migration process, and carrying out application evaluation and cloud readiness reviews.

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AWS Business Solutions

Time to market is more critical than ever nowadays. With CodeDeploy, Opswork, Lambda, and other programming languages, you can build any essential applications for your business. The AWS Partner Ecosystem is vast where it meets your needs and you want to proceed with them. Our team will help you, whether you need aid with Migration and architecture, with your program portfolio.

AWS Server Management

Depending on how big your business is, Lucid Outsourcing Solutions offers a wide range of server options. We can provide an IT solution that will benefit your business with AWS services, whether you're looking for server management, server maintenance, server monitoring, or all three.

AWS Enterprise Applications

Enterprise productivity software is available from Amazon Web Services and is provided as an AWS service in their Cloud Platform. The use of these apps for business email and calendaring, document collaboration, and virtual desktops makes it simple to satisfy user demands for usability, performance, and dependability while still meeting the strictest enterprise IT organizations' security and compliance standards.

Our Process

Measures to take by AWS Experts to Achieve Success.



Our expert team will analyze and understand your requirements for websites and software.



Plan the essential requirements used in the Project, and make the checklist or plan to execute.



Create the functionality of the product, software, or website for the user and test it on several levels so it runs smoothly.



AWS platform provides secure, reliable, and easy integration to the user or developer to deploy their application or products.

Our AWS Cloud Computing Technology Stack

As An AWS Services Company In India, we excel in different platforms to serve various business needs.

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Businesses are investing in AWS Services Company to become more creative, elegant, productive, and efficient. It also accelerates digital innovation and high-end functionality giving a highly secure computing environment and operational agility. Want to leverage the advantages of AWS, you can consult with our AWS professionals today!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud computing services platforms for businesses. It gives dedicated servers, networking, storage, remote computing, mobile development, email, and security.

The AWS free tier authorizes the customer to explore and try out AWS cloud services free of cost up to a particular limit of each service. Short-term pathways can be used free of charge for a defined duration or up to a one-time limit based on whatever server you select.

As a leading AWS services company in India, our AWS developers are determined to produce quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under close control, including periodic code reviews.

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