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Remote Team Services

Remote Team Services

Remote Team Services includes a team who works for a common organization. With a different set of tasks from different Geographical locations, the team will work and helps to achieve desired results without any hassle.

Lucid Outsourcing provides dedicated remote team services in India, for your project. Helps you to get a lesser burden on the management, and allows you to focus on other work. Our remote team services include Designers, Developers, QA, and Analyst professionals, who will dedicate themselves to transforming your vision into reality. With flexibility and benefits, companies prefer to have remote team services.

Remote team services staff will stay and deliver their work from anywhere. You can have them with a low budget, and it helps small enterprises or start-ups to grow. Welcoming the different skills in the team helps you to grow your team skills and organization. Also, it saves on the infrastructure cost of small businesses. You can have our IT professionals develop your imaginations into reality.

Features Tools of Remote Team Service

Some of the essential features tools of the Remote Team Services are to monitor or organize the task and manage the working flow of the team.


Video conferences and chats are essential tools to communicate with virtual teams services to get regular updates. It allows you to employee record calls for further references or guidance.

Development Environment

To support a distributed remote team workflow, a centralized development environment helps the team members work from any device. As long as they are connected to the internet to access the files, data, and documents.

Time Management

With a time management tool, you can track the total number of hours spend on work every day, and monitor them so you can make them more efficient.

Project Management

Project Management tools help to maintain the transparency of upcoming and ongoing projects. It allows assigning different tasks to team members with their deadlines.


Offer Dedicated Remote Team Services In Various Technologies

ColdFusion Development Services

Rapid development platform for building modern web applications, and we have experienced and qualified ColdFusion Developers who are available for you.

ColdBox Development Services

This is a conventions-based MVC framework for ColdFusion. Fast, scalable, reliable, and runs on open source CFML engines, and our team is expertise in their development.

ContentBox Development Services

Professional open source modular Content Management System (CMS) allows you to build anything like websites, web applications, and RESTFUL web services.

Lucee Development Services

It is a lightweight open source scripting language for CFML applications server and engine. Provide functions and tags to develop the web-related task, and we have a team who can ease your tasks.

Mobile App Development Services

Have a dedicated team who delivers HYBRID and NATIVE App Development Services for you. We have expertise in platforms like FLUTTER, IONIC, CORDOVA, QUASAR, and many more.

WordPress Development Services

Take your business online with dedicated websites from small to large-scale businesses, we provide dedicated remote team services for your WordPress Development.

AWS Services

Provide the expertise and certification in AWS dedicated remote team services, which fulfilled your need. Virtual meetings, assistance, and work delivery will boost your productivity.

PHP Development Services

With a dedicated PHP development team, we help you with the Database creation task, Customize the WordPress theme and its Plugins, dynamic and compatible code structures for all systems.

What makes us Trustable

Contract Agreement

Manage the documents and agreements with various roles and responsibilities between both of them.

Compliance Document

Deliver specific documents, information, records, and reports to establish ease of communication.

Time Tracking

Our remote team services will calculate total hours, time-off, and holidays with a time tracking app which helps to generate the bill.


Automate invoice generation by time tracking, which maintains transparency between both of them.

How the Offshore Staffing Process Works

The remote team services in India mean changed drastically all over nowadays. It helps the companies to get a more experienced and skilled virtual team. We have a dedicated team who are ready to deliver to you. You can hire them with some simple steps.

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Gather Requirements

Before starting the remote team services hiring process, make sure to gather all the information about the job descriptions and their responsibilities. Through this, they easily understand the role and their responsibility in the team.



Depending on your preference, we send you the profiles, schedule a video interview, or set up an in-person interview so you can screen our dedicated team for your tasks.

Tiny Peoplw Signing


After the selection of our team members, sign the agreement and discuss the work schedule, roles, and responsibilities of the team.



Discussing the conditions, and deciding the workflow with other team members. Set up the machine for the remote team services work, so they can access and deliver their files and documents.

Quality Service Delivery

Quality Service Delivery

After all these steps our dedicated team will deliver their services. And you can track their work by time tracking tools, invoices & bills generated accordingly.

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Hire a dedicated development team and give
your process the fuel it needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several companies in India, that provide you with Remote Team Services in India. To choose the best service provider some factors depend on team experience, the number of projects delivered, and client review matter. Lucid Outsourcing Solutions has a top-notch team of incredibly skilled and diversified developers who have command of all the latest technologies. We have over 9+ years of experience in the development niche and have delivered over 500+ projects globally.

Yes. We have that option for special skills like UI/UX Designer and Project Manager. Part-time employment allows the team members to be available for consecutive 4 hours per day on all working days in a week.

Yes, the team working on your project fills Daily Report in our internal system. They will submit a copy of the same on weekly bases to you to keep a record of the steps spent.

Yes. For every project that a dedicated team will work on, we'll make sure that your precious details and ideas stay safe and secure. For this, we sign an NDA when you choose our dedicated Remote Team Services in India.

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