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Developed site from scratch in VueJS and PresideCMS, written REST API's to integrate with the frontend.

  • Technology: Lucee, CFML, PresideCMS, VueJS, REST API's, Responsive Designing
  • Client: Learnfirm
  • URL:



SmartOAS is an online Assessment system, used by Institutes, Schools, Corporates for assession their students or employee. Developed it in AngularJS (frontend) and backend is API based and is written in CFML (Lucee).

  • Technology: ColdFusion, AngularJS, MySQL, REST, UI Responsive, API Development
  • Client: SmartOAS
  • URL:



Rewrote old tour booking system to make it faster and improved user experience. Made easy for an admin to manage staff and their permissions, tour add-ons, tour dates etc.

  • Technology: Coldfusion, Coldbox, Responsive Designing, Wordpress, REST API's
  • Client: Keywest travel and tours
  • URL:

Providing support to the client since 2012 for the application, including support, new modules development.

  • Technology: Coldfusion , Android
  • Client:
  • URL:



Developed responsive design website and written Mobile API's, Business logic for dater and matchmaker.

  • Technology: Coldfusion, Responsive Design, REST API's
  • Client: Privy Group
  • URL:


Adsoft Direct

SELF-SERVICE and LOCAL MARKETING AUTOMATION, Build and provided support for the existing product, added new moduled as per client requirement.

  • Technology: Coldfusion, Responsive designing, bulk file processing, PDF generation, iText
  • Client: Adsoft
  • URL:



Bookkeeping software for the automotive recon professional. Easy, accurate tracking.

  • Technology: PHP, Wordpress, REST API's, Responsive designing, PhoneGap
  • Client: Hailbooks
  • URL:


Recall Masters

Created this website in Wordpress, developed WP plugins, written backend admin in python for API.

  • Technology: Python, Django, WordPress, Wordpress Plugin API Development
  • Client: Recall Masters
  • URL:


Dental Reviews

Hudec Dental has 20 locations in Northeast Ohio and they wanted to collect all different location reviews from different sources at a single place and manage them. We build this via scrapping different review sites and created an admin panel to manage it.

  • Technology: Coldfusion, Responsive Designing, Kiosk app, Review scrapping from different sites
  • Client: Hudec Dental
  • URL:



Rebuild old monolith site from scratch, created admin panel to manage services queues, customer contract, dispatch, billing etc.

  • Technology: Coldfusion, Wordpress, Responsive Design, REST API's
  • Client: Kalos Services
  • URL:


Ora Pages

Ora pages is directory website which lists different business under different categories.

  • Technology: Coldfusion, Responsive Designing
  • Client: Ora Pages
  • URL:



Vinayak publishers sell several products for CA and lawyer's, build this e-commerce site in Wordpress with woocommerce to create another selling channel.

  • Technology: Wordpress, woocommerce, theme designing, Plugin development
  • Client: Vinayak publishers
  • URL:



Tiranga is an Indian community website for Indian's based around Seattle, WA.

  • Technology: Wordpress, Theme development, plugin development
  • Client: Tiranga USA
  • URL: