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Android Technology

Android Technology

  • By Lucid Team
  • 07 March 2023

Android Technology

A mobile operating system, also referred to as mobile OS, is the operating system that operates a Smartphone, tablet, PDA, or other digital mobile devices. Modern mobile operating systems combine the features of a personal computer operating system with touch screen, cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS mobile navigation, camera, video camera, speech recognition, voice recorder, music, Near field communication, personal digital assistant (PDA), and other features. The smart phone market is dominated by three major operating systems which are Android by Google, iOS by Apple and Windows Phone 7.5 by Microsoft.

These days, hot topics that almost everyone is interested in mobile technology, mobile devices and of course, mobile operating systems. Everyone wants to be able to do everything fast, and on the go. The developers have done a great job feeding us a never-ending stream of new apps, new devices and new hacks.


This year has been one of great operating systems for mobile phones and the battle between them which continues for some years now. The two main opponents of today are the Apple iOS 6 and the Android 4.1 known under the nickname of Jelly Bean. This continuing competition grabs the attention of many users as they are interested in the new features of both operating systems. While some are devoted fans to one of these two, others are more cautious and wait to see what the pros and cons are in this battle. But this battlefield is only to the benefit of the users and usually competition gets the best out of technology, while it can get the worst out of people.


These are the basics of Android applications:

Android applications are composed of one or more application components (activities, services, content providers, and broadcast receivers)

Each component performs a different role in the overall application behaviour, and each one can be activated individually (even by other applications)

The manifest file must declare all components in the application and should also declare all application requirements, such as the minimum version of Android required and any hardware configurations required

Non-code application resources (images, strings, layout files, etc.) should include alternatives for different device configurations (such as different strings for different languages)

Features & Specifications

Android is a powerful Operating System supporting a large number of applications in Smart Phones. These applications make life more comfortable and advanced for the users. Hard wares that support Android are mainly based on ARM architecture platform. Some of the current features and specifications of android are:













The “Open Source” Model Makes Android Unique

Apple’s creative crew is the biggest competition against Android’s arsenal of tablets and smartphones. However, there is one main difference between Apple’s mobile operating system — iOS — and Google’s Android: While Android’s is open sourced and free for other companies, Apple’s iOS is extremely closed source. That means that it’s very limiting in terms of customising your apps, etc. For instance, on iOS, you wouldn’t be able to change your default web browser from Safari to Google Chrome. The issues seems minuscule now, but that goes for everything, and some of Apple’s apps aren’t as good as the competition (there are a lot of other apps better than Safari, Mail and Weather). The open vs. closed operating system debate has been argued time and time again, but in the end, it depends on personal preference: Would you like a device that you can easily customise but might be more complicated (an Android) or one that’s easy to use, but doesn’t give you virtually any freedom.

Android is a Mobile Powerhouse

The future of this operating system is limitless Google has the futuristic ambition and the funds to take Android to unprecedented heights. In many areas — such as predicting what users will do next (for instance, Google Now knows that in the morning you’re getting ready for work and will tell you about the traffic) — they’ve already surpassed Apple.

Android has already posted some impressive figures that show that Android has become the number one mobile operating system in a number of areas.Android has had a dominance in the worldwide global market share for quite some time now.



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