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Coldfusion : For Mobile Application Development

  • By Lucid Team
  • 20 March 2023

ColdFusion Mobile Application Development may seem strange, but ya, it’s possible to develop Mobile Application with ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion Builder. What makes it compatible for apps development ?


Answer to this question is the presence of it’s web browser components in software development kit.
ColdFusion is the technology helps to accomplish daily challenges of web application development which is very much useful and helps in creating robust apps. It can be used along with any IT technology. ColdFusion can be used for small as well as large business development solution. This flexibility has improved its functionality to develop web applications with the aid of Adobe ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion Builder. The two makes HTML5 mobile application development seamless by enduring the complete workflow. You can  develop the apps withe use of client-side CF Markup Language, HTML, & JavaScript.

Mobile Application Development Workflow

ColdFusion11 makes it easy to build android application using HTML5, PhoneGap & CF Markup Language . Anyone who iknows CF mobile device APIs can develop applications even if he does not have good knowledge of PhoneGap or some other related development models.

ColdFusion 11 & ColdFusion Builder offers the complete workflow required for application development by facing the isues related to it while developing, testing, debugging and deploying it.

ColdFusion Builder offers you to develop platform-specific applications using Adobe’s PhoneGap development service. There are 3 types of application development platform offered by ColdFusion:

  1. HTML 5-based standalone application which can be installed in cell phones. Adobe’s PhoneGap development service, you can build platform specific applications.
  2. ColdFusion-deployed web applications which can be seen on web browser using mobile. There would not be any kind of support for device’s native functions.
  3. Hybrid/shell application that can run as a standalone application. This type supports native functionalities of the device.

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