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Fast and Secure Protocol

  • By Lucid Team
  • 13 March 2023

Fast and Secure Protocol (FASP)

  • It is an innovative file transfer technology patented by Aspera.

  • It is an innovative software that eliminates the fundamental shortcomings of conventional TCP based file transfer technologies such as HTTP and TCP.

  • FASP transfers can achieve speed hundreds of times faster than FTP/HTTP.

  • It provides a guaranteed delivery time regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions.

Transport characteristics

  • Enables large data transfers over any network at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions or distance

  • Very lightweight, does not require specialised or powerful hardware to maintain high speeds.

  • Extraordinary bandwidth control

  • Provides precise rate control for guaranteed transfer times.

  • Provides fast automatic discovery of the bandwidth capacity between the source and destination.

Need for FASP

  • In this digital world, fast and reliable movement of digital data, including massive sizes over global distances, is becoming vital business success across virtually every industry.

  • TCP has inherent bottlenecks in performance, especially for networks with high round-trip time and packet loss.

  • TCP' s Adiitive Increase Multiplicative Decrease congestion avoidance algorithm, in ramping up the, until loss occurs, AIMD inherently overdrives the available bandwidth.

The FASP solution

  • fasp is a new large data transport protocol that achieves reliability in the application layer in a novel approach that eliminates TCP's inefficient loss and error handling, and the resulting erratic transfer rate swings.

  • fasp implements its own, theoretically proven optimal mechanism that identifies and retransmits precisely the real packet loss on the channel.

  • fasp has ideal bandwidth efficiency, and does not flood the network with redundant data, or deny access to standard TCP applications.

  • The transfer preserves the native file system access control attributes between all supported operating systems, and is highly efficient.

  • With encryption enabled, fasp achieves WAN file transfers of 100-200 Mbps on a single processor machine or laptop; and 200-500 Mbps+ on dual-processor or duo-core workstations.


The market need for a flexible, next generation file transfer technology is pervasive and

exploding as file sizes increase, network capacities grow, and users increasingly exchange data and media.

As an all-software platform deployable on any standard computing device, fasp is capable of filling the next-generation need, providing optimal data transfer in an application, over any Internet network, from consumer broadband to gigabit core.


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