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Green Cloud Computing

Green Cloud Computing

  • By Lucid Team
  • 07 March 2023



What is Green Computing


Green Computing is the term used to donate efficient use of resources in computing.

It is also Known as Green IT.

Green Computing is “ Where organizations adopt a policy of ensuring that the setup and operations of Information Technology produces the minimal carbon footprint”

Green Cloud is “ the study and practice of designing, manufacturing , using and disposing of computers , servers and associated subsystems .

Key issues are energy efficiency in computing and promoting environmentally friendly computer technologies .


Goal of Green Computing –


The goals of green computing are similar to green chemistry.

Minimize energy consumption.

Purchasing green energy.

Reducing travel requirements for employees/costumers .


What is Cloud Computing ?


Cloud computing is a metaphor used by Technology or IT Services companies for the delivery of computing  requirements as a service to a heterogeneous community of end-recipients.

It is a Virtualized Computing Platform .

Scalable use of computing resources .


Cloud computing is offering utility oriented IT services to users worldwide. It enables hosting of applications from consumer, scientific and business domains. However data centers hosting cloud computing applications consume huge amounts of energy, contributing to high operational costs and carbon footprints to the environment.


Cloud computing is a metaphor used by Technology or IT

Services companies for the delivery of computing  requirements as

a service to a heterogeneous community of end-recipients.


1.Software as a Service: The software is present on clouds and all type processing is done on cloud only. This feature allows users to access the software from any computer which is connected to the internet.

2.Storage as a Service:

This service allow user to outsource their data storage needs to the cloud. The user store all his/her files on cloud but the all kind of processing is done on user’s PC


3.Processing as a Service:

This model provides user the functionality to process complex computation on cloud which consists of powerful servers. Tasks which demand less processing power are carried on user’s PC only.



Green Cloud Computing


Green Cloud computing is used to achieve not only efficient processing and utilization of computing infrastructure, but also minimize energy consumption .

It is also called as GREEN IT.


Green Cloud computing is envisioned to achieve not only efficient processing and utilisation of computing infrastructure, but also minimise energy consumption. This is essential for ensuring that the future growth of Cloud computing is sustainable. Otherwise, Cloud computing with increasingly pervasive front-end client devices interacting with back-end data centres will cause an enormous escalation of energy usage.

Study and Practice of designing, manufacturing, using and disposing computing resources with minimal environmental damage


Goals Of Green Cloud Computing:


Reduce the use of hazardous material , it causes harm to environment .

Green” Data Centers.

Using recycle materials.

Supply Chain Energy Usage.

Green Cloud Computing Architecture


















Greencloud is a sophisticated packet-level simulator for energy-aware cloud computing data centers with a focus on cloud communications. It offers a detailed fine-grained modeling of the energy consumed by the data center IT equipment, such as computing servers, network switches, and communication links.

Green Cloud can be used to develop novel solutions in monitoring, resource allocation, workload scheduling as well as optimization of communication protocols and network infrastructures. It is released under the General Public License Agreement and is an extension of the well-known NS2 network simulator.

Green Cloud Computing – A Data Centre

Supply Chain Energy Usage

Green” Data Centers

Steps : -

Diagnose opportunities & problems

Measure & Manage

Cool-”blanking panels”



Server Virtualization

Energy-Aware Consolidation

Development of ICT


Moving Processor and Data closer to the User


Public Policy measures-Germany example, PPP


Locating Data Centers in the developing world


Economic Growth


Balancing Energy in Data Centers


Components : - Data Storage, Servers, LAN


Power Consumption


Hard Disk Arrays-Long term Storage


Server Consolidation

Energy Aware Data Center Management

OLPC Project

Low Power Computing Platforms- Modern Data Centers

Managing” computing load


Virtualization technologies for Data Centers

Cooling Data Centers- “42%”

Used in Solar PV Systems





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