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Some take away from Adobe Coldfusion India Summit 2019

Some take away from Adobe Coldfusion India Summit 2019

  • By Lucid Team
  • 25 February 2023


I attended Coldfusion India Summit 2019 conference in Adobe Bengaluru office on 7th Dec 2019 for the 2nd time, it was nice to meet 180+ CF developers which were almost double than last year, met some old friends too. Thank's Adobe for organizing such a great event and Michaela Light, CEO Tera tech for covering the whole event for CF Alive podcast.

Sessions:- There were 10 sessions including Keynote and what's coming in Coldfusion 2020

Sessions I attended:-

  1. Adobe ColdFusion Keynote, Delivered by Ashish Garg
  2. Modern Approach for Monitoring ColdFusion Deployments - Performance Monitoring Toolset, Delivered by Nikhil Dubey
  3. [Angularjs + Reactjs + Vuejs] + CF - Integrating Modern Day JS Frameworks with ColdFusion, Delivered by Ketki Joshi
  4. ColdFusion for the Next Decade – All about the Buzzworthy ColdFusion 2020, Delivered by Rakshith Naresh
  5. Modernize your Applications using Advanced Language Constructs, Delivered by Ashudeep Sharma
  6. API Management - Why it Matters, Delivered by Nimit Sharma



What's coming in CF 2020

  1. A massive reduction in installer size
  2. Breaking up CF into tiny modules
  3. Commandline – Demo
  4. GUI based installation
  5. Code scan
  6. Runtime check
  7. CLI based Configuration tool
  8. All settings in one JSON file – tomcat settings, JVM, neo-*.XML files
  9. Docker images will honor the JSON file
  10. Services on AWS and Azure
    1. Storage
    2. Database
    3. NoSQL
    4. Caching
    5. Messages/notifications
  11. Storage
    1. AWS S3
    2. Azure blob
  12. Serverless - Tool to build CF lambda runtime using the CF Packaged code
  13. CFScript 2.0
  14. And so on...

Future plans

  1. We might have CF India Summit (North) in Noida
  2. Coldfusion certification coming to India too.




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